Moenie sommer ‘skelm’ se foto op WhatsApp plaas nie

Deur Desirée Rorke 07 Julie 2017

Moenie net foto’s van iemand wat jy dink ’n skelm in jou buurt is op WhatsApp plaas nie.

Indien jy ’n foto van iemand wat jy glo ’n misdadiger kan wees op sosiale media plaas, kan ’n boete, ’n jaar tronkstraf of selfs ’n siviele geding jou in die gesig staar.

Adv. Melville Cloete, ’n regskenner, het die waarskuwing by die Gene Louw-verkeerskollege in Brackenfell gegee.
Hy het met lede van die plaaslike buurtwagte gepraat en hulle oor die gevare van sosiale media en die plasing van mense se foto’s daarop in kennis gestel.


Op die 1 Julie 2017 het die Silverton GPA hulle stalletjie op geslaan by die Hervormede Kerk op die hoek van President straat & Fakkel straat. Dit was 'n baie lekker dag gewees, en ons kon lekker saam met die gemeenskap kuier. Luister uit op die radio vir waar ons volgende gaan wees. Kom maak 'n draai, en ontmoet die mense van die "buurtwag".

Crime Prevention Tips 3

Car Tracking Lifehack

Suspects, who steal vehicles, know where to find the tracker in your vehicle after stealing it. In most instances they disable it within the first hour after stealing or hijacking your vehicle.

Take an old smart phone that has GPS and email. Register a Gmail account on it. Even a Samsung account will work. Put the phone on silent, activate the GPS and hide it in the vehicle. If your vehicle gets stolen, you can track the cell phone on the internet live. Remember to charge the cell phone every few days.

Your own Tracker at a fraction of the cost per month.

How to report a crime

Please take note of the following procedure if you want to report a crime:

  1. First and always call 10111. After reporting the incident, get a reference number. It is called an IR number. 10111 will give your complaint to the sector vehicle over the radio.
  2. When you have your IR number, call your sector vehicle and also report the incident to them. They will be able to tell you how long it will take to get to you.
  3. If you cannot get hold of 10111, you can call the sector vehicle directly.

Success Stories of the Week

Please note at time of writing this article, all incidents are still being investigated, for that reason, I will not go into detail about the incidents, and I will also not give out any names.

1. On Friday night, Silverton SAPS had another clean up operation. They had invited members from the community, as well as members from all the security companies working within the 4 sectors to be a part of the operation. Several “hot spots” were searched, and with the help of everybody involved an illegal “shebeen” was closed down.

Theft Out of Motor Vechicle on the Rise

We have noticed an increase of theft out of motor vehicles. We urge everybody not to leave any valuables in your car. Cell phones, laptops, cash and handbags. THEY WILL BREAK INTO YOUR CAR, AND THEY WILL STEAL IT. It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter what you drive. Your car will be targeted.

Little Lady

Lady the 5week old puppy that fell down a drain pipe on Sunday morning survives after being stuck in the pipe for more than 30 hours.

For more than 30 hours this little puppy had us digging, calling, hoping, and praying. The little 5 week old pup fell down a 110mm drain pipe on Sunday morning. A cry for help was put out by members of the Silverton community. Several people responded to the call. We started digging a hole to get to the drain pipe, and hopefully the puppy. After nearly 6 hours of enduring the heat, and making turn to dig, we had only got to a depth of about 1.5m

Crime Prevention Tips 2

Some handy tips that was sent in by members of the community

Crime Prevention Tips

Some handy tips that was sent in by members of the community

Safety tips - Hand bags

  • Do not carry big handbags as this creates an ideal situation for pick-pocketing.
  • Rather carry a small bag or wallet you can carry in your hand and be vigilant of your surroundings.
  • Rather pay with a card in order to avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Do not put your handbag under your chair when at a restaurant. Put it on your lap or on the table.
  • Make sure you always know where your children are.
  • Shoppers should also not put their handbags in their shopping trolleys as they could be stolen when shoppers were distracted.

Wenke vir vakansiegangers/ Safety tips for holiday makers (Afrikaans only)

Dit is altyd goed om bewus te wees van veiligheidswenke in en om die huis. Dit is nie net raadsaam om behoorlik beveilig te wees met die regte versekering nie – maar ook om betyds voorsorg te tref en dit moeiliker te maak vir kriminele!

Ons wil kortliks let op wenke om die huis te beveilig. Is u woning en besittings veilig wanneer u met vakansie vertrek?

Dit is ‘n minder aangename ervaring om u vakansie te moet kortknip of om na u vakansie tuis te kom en te vind dat daar ingebreek is.

Die Buurtwag wil die volgende wenke aan die hand doen:

"Victimology" Research findings

A number of studies have been done on why one person is chosen over another by criminals. This is known as the study of “victimology” which is a branch of criminology. One surprising factor that emerged during the studies was that criminals do not choose their victims based on age, gender, race or size but rather on characteristics which could be deemed vulnerable, easy to control or manipulate.

Most of these characteristics are subconscious and often most people don’t even know they are displaying these behaviours.

How to stay safe during a hijacking

Silverton crime rate drops

During the anual meeting on 9 March 2015 the Silverton SAPS reported that due to their efforts and their close relationship with the community the number of dockets opened by the police has almost halved.

The rate at which new dockets are opened is something that the police constantly monitors. According to the station commander the number of dockets opened on a weekly basis has fallen to half of what it used to be.

Thank you very much to all the Silverton CPA patrollers and the members of the South African Police Service in our area.

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