Wenke vir vakansiegangers/ Safety tips for holiday makers (Afrikaans only)

Dit is altyd goed om bewus te wees van veiligheidswenke in en om die huis. Dit is nie net raadsaam om behoorlik beveilig te wees met die regte versekering nie – maar ook om betyds voorsorg te tref en dit moeiliker te maak vir kriminele!

Ons wil kortliks let op wenke om die huis te beveilig. Is u woning en besittings veilig wanneer u met vakansie vertrek?

Dit is ‘n minder aangename ervaring om u vakansie te moet kortknip of om na u vakansie tuis te kom en te vind dat daar ingebreek is.

Die Buurtwag wil die volgende wenke aan die hand doen:

2015 Silverton CPA Year end function/ GPA Jaareind funksie fotos

Here are some pictures from our year end function at the end of 2015.

"Victimology" Research findings

A number of studies have been done on why one person is chosen over another by criminals. This is known as the study of “victimology” which is a branch of criminology. One surprising factor that emerged during the studies was that criminals do not choose their victims based on age, gender, race or size but rather on characteristics which could be deemed vulnerable, easy to control or manipulate.

Most of these characteristics are subconscious and often most people don’t even know they are displaying these behaviours.

How to stay safe during a hijacking

Silverton crime rate drops

During the anual meeting on 9 March 2015 the Silverton SAPS reported that due to their efforts and their close relationship with the community the number of dockets opened by the police has almost halved.

The rate at which new dockets are opened is something that the police constantly monitors. According to the station commander the number of dockets opened on a weekly basis has fallen to half of what it used to be.

Thank you very much to all the Silverton CPA patrollers and the members of the South African Police Service in our area.

South African house burglaries research

Do you think an alarm system will frighten burglars away? Do you think an electric fence keeps thieves out of your house? What is the conviction rate for house burglaries in South Africa today? We found this interesting study about house burglaries in South Africa which contains some obvious and some surprising facts. Thank you very much to Ronel who sent this to us.

Please comment and let us know what you think.

Safer Home for All

We are pleased to invite all LMMCPA domestic workers to our Woman's Month event to be held at Meyerspark NG Church, on the 22nd of August 2014 from 10h00 to 13h00.

Theme: "Safer Home for All", presentation by the Disaster Management Centre, City of Tshwane.

Please refer to attached document for details.

Please RSVP by emailing nel@lmmcpa.co.za no later than Monday 18 August 2014.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Nel van der Bijl, at 083 390 3507.

Armed Robbery Prevention

The following was received from Nick Nicolaou, CPF Brooklyn Sector 4 on 12 June 2014:

Dear Residents,

There is a sharp increase in armed robberies in our sector. There were at least 6 incidents in the past month. We occasionally have armed robberies in our sector.
According to SAPS some incidents are planned and some are opportunistic. Getaway vehicles are often changed after a robbery takes place.

Culprits caught on camera - Do you know these men?

They creep along the groud to avoid the cameras, but this morning they were too bold. One of our members submitted these photos of suspects. These men were photographed and the Silverton CPA and the SAPS would like you to let us know who these men are and where we can find them.

The house they are believed to have burgled has had three break-ins in the past few weeks. Look out for these men. If you spot them please contact the Silverton CPA on your radio, phone 10111 or the Silverton SAPS office on 012 804 8181.

Load Shedding - March 2014 and onward

As I struggled to find this information I decided to post it to our site.

Here is a link to the Tshwane Municipality Notice Board. They have posted and are expected to post more notices about suburbs that "might be affected" by load shedding:


People can also visit http://www.poweralert.co.za to view the current power grid status and http://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/ to see if Eskom is in fact implementing load shedding at the moment.

You can also follow Tshwane Municipality on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CityTshwane

Sight of radio frightens suspicious persons

We recently identified a surprising advantage to being a member of the Silverton CPA - People see you carrying a radio!

Hoekom ek deel wil wees van Silverton CPA (Ronél 1)

Aangesien daar oneindig baie inbrake/insidente in ons klein ou straatjie was het ek ‘n straatvergadering in 2011 belê… Binne 2 dae is ek deur die nuutgestigde Silverton Buurtwag gekontak en hul het ons straatvergadering bygewoon… Ek het binne ‘n week, laat November daardie jaar as lid aangesluit…

Silverton Water Quality Assessments

The Silverton CPA, in conjunction with AfriForum, has been assessing the quality of the tap water and storm water in the Silverton area. Water samples were taken from several residences, the Moreletta river and other sources to be tested in a laboratory. We await the results with slight trepidation!

Do you want to get involved, or know the quality of your own tap water in your house in our area? Contact radio control, or join now if you're not a member yet and we'll get you in touch with the people running the project.

Stolen Golf recovered

Last night, the 20th of February 2014, the Silverton CPA helped to recover a stolen Golf.

Well done to our patrollers!

It started when a man noticed a suspicious individual snooping around his daughter's blue Golf 1. The suspicious man ran away at first, but returned later and stole the blue Golf along with two of his cohorts. They gained access to the vehicle by smashing the small triangular window in the Golf's left rear door.

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